EcIA (Ecological Impact Assessment)

Assessing the impacts of development on site ecology

Assessing ecological risk at a proposed development site adjacent to Gartcosh in North Lanarkshire where European protected great crested newts are presentEcIA is a regular part of our work using best practice IEEM guidance: Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment in the UK and adopting local planning requirements such as Scottish Borders Council Supplementary Planning Guidance for Biodiversity. This process aims to describe baseline conditions in terms of habitats, protected species and Local Biodiversity Action Plan Species, to assess and quantify any impacts that proposed development may have and to recommend avoidance or mitigation to minimise impacts and habitat creation or compensation where this is required to offset predicted impacts. Queen Margaret University planned to relocate from Edinburgh to a new green field campus in East Lothian and The Wildlife Partnership were commissioned to undertake the EcIA. Another proposed development site at Gattonside in the Scottish Borders had significant biodiversity importance being near the River Tweed SAC and supporting a number of protected mammal species and rich plant communities. Our aim at all sites is to identify any potential risks at an early stage for the client and to deal with them in a cost effective manner working on the principle of no net loss of biodiversity and no delays for the client. Full reference is made to the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and the Local Biodiversity Action Plan.