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Habitat creation & restoration

Create new habitats and restore degraded habitats

Carcant scrape creationWhen planning permission is granted there are often conditions attached requiring some mitigation or compensation for loss of habitat. The Wildlife Partnership has helped many small and large scale developers devise cost effective habitat creation, enhancement and restoration projects.

The Wildlife Partnership has worked with several windfarm companies throughout all phases of development, construction and operation. As mitigation for habitat lost or species disturbed by construction we have created new habitats and improved existing ones eg at Carcant windfarm. Scrapes have been created and drains have been blocked to aid recovery of the scattered remnant black grouse population and the diverse wader populations found on parts of the site. We have also contributed to the well being of livestock on site by creating new windbreak hedgerows and re-planting felled coniferous woodland with lower growing broadleaves such as willows at Toddleburn windfarm. Fencing off small areas of ground adjacent to burns and planting these with appropriate species such as willows and alder has also been undertaken again to provide shelter but also to create structural diversity in sheep and cattle grazed valleys. A major woodland SSSI restoration project as off site compensation for felled coniferous plantation is currently being undertaken through a 25 year management plan at Airhouse Wood in the Scottish Borders.

Haddo Country Park orchird

Haddo Country Park Northern Marsh Orchird

Carcant hedge planting

Carcant hedge planting