Land use and ecology assessments on new build and refurbishment projects

Post industrial habitats on brownfield sites support a wide range of plant and animal communitiesThe Wildlife Partnership is regularly commissioned to do BREEAM Land Use and Ecology assessments for a range of new build and refurbishment developments and we have worked on a range of projects throughout Scotland.  Our aim is to work with the client to create habitats of genuine wildlife value and to ensure that these are managed to benefit local wildlife in the long term. The Maxim Business Park was a major office demolition and construction project at Eurocentral in North Lanarkshire where The Wildlife Partnership was responsible for the survey and BREEAM assessment work.  This involved a number of ecological survey reports to assess and address impacts and included a Phase 1 habitat survey, protected species survey, breeding bird survey and a specific report on the orchids on site. Ecological surveys were undertaken of the whole Eurocentral Enterprise Park site. The BREEAM assessment drew on the results of these surveys to complete a Land Use and Ecology assessment for all of the new build.

Common spotted and northern marsh orchids were abundant on the Enterprise Park site and a planning condition stipulated that a percentage of these orchids (80%), were to be removed and translocated, either within or off-site. It became clear that there was little scope for translocation within site and plant material therefore had to be removed and established at other suitable locations within N. Lanarkshire.  For the Eurocentral orchid translocation, a JCB was used to excavate and transport flower rich material for sorting by a combination of BTCV and other local volunteers and then taken off site to a number of locations where suitable ground conditions and appropriate future management existed. These were monitored in subsequent years to assess the success of the translocation.