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Walkover survey

Rapid ecological appraisal of development sites

An ecological walkover survey is a rapid appraisal of a site to identify any ecological opportunities or issues and to ensure that they do not delay the development programme. The aim of a walkover survey is to characterise the site in terms of habitats and species present or likely to be present and identify any key ecological issues which would require to be addressed if development were to go ahead and to give general advice about the level of constraint which would apply if protected or notable species or habitats are identified as potentially impacted.

A walkover can eliminate the need for complex further surveys and may be all that is required by a planning authority on a simple site. This can be a cost effective way to assess any ecological risks associated with site development. Collating existing ecological data from local biological record centres, local specialist interest groups or recorders can make time spent on site more efficient and we always aim to tap into local knowledge. The Wildlife Partnership have undertaken many walkover site surveys on development sites such as Glenboig and successfully helped developers make progress towards successful completion of their projects while staying within planning constraints and ensuring legal compliance while minimising costs.

Ladys bedstraw

Lady's bedstraw

Otter footprints at Tarth Water

Otter footprints at Tarth Water