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Queen Margaret University

Ecological survey and assessment work

BramblingThe Wildlife Partnership were appointed to undertake the ecological survey and assessment work at the proposed Queen Margaret University campus on a green field site in East Lothian. Initial survey work included Phase 1 Habitat Survey and survey and assessment of birds, bats and badgers. We drew up guidance for Ecological Design Principles to inform site design on this open arable landscape. Key potential areas for habitat creation were for breeding birds, bats and for the development of semi-natural habitat mosaics. This translated into use of native species of local origin and provenance, use of on-site materials to create habitats, use of sub soil to create low fertility flower rich areas with Scottish seed sources, diversification of lawn areas to include low growing wildflowers and creation of mixed tree and shrub planting maximising edge habitat to create sheltered, productive foraging for bats and nesting and foraging habitat for birds.