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Listed building

EPS licence application

The Wildlife Partnership was commissioned to carry out a bat survey at a listed building on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Within only a few minutes of the initial building inspection it became clear that brown long eared bats were roosting within the building. All bats were carefully removed from the roost by hand, their reproductive condition assessed before being returned to their original positions. This information, in conjunction with the number and sex of individuals, allowed us to determine that it was a small non breeding roost.

The presence of a roost within the building ensured that it was necessary to submit an application to Scottish Natural Heritage for a licence to disturb bats. The Wildlife Partnership quickly prepared a comprehensive method statement in support of the application. This included detailed plans of the building highlighting the location and movement of all bats and a robust mitigation plan including the installation of exclusion devices and the provision of alternative roosting habitat. The licence application was successful and all mitigation measures were subsequently implemented allowing the proposed development to continue unhindered.

Listed building first floor plan