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Airhouse Wood SSSI

Restoration of ancient woodland

Airhouse Wood SSSI - Restoration of ancient woodlandAs off site mitigation for felling associated with the construction of Toddleburn windfarm (SSE) the nearby Airhouse Wood SSSI is being restored.

Airhouse Wood SSSI is ancient woodland on a steep sloped site that is being restored by the exclusion of grazing and new tree planting. This site is being restored to mixed broadleaved woodland as part of mitigation for coniferous plantation removal on a nearby windfarm site (Toddleburn).

Airhouse Wood is described as a relic birch-oak type woodland, historically hazel and juniper were predominant in the underwood (1911). It has suffered in recent years from grazing and there is little natural regeneration. The Wildlife Partnership have worked with the landowner, SNH, SSE and the Scottish Borders Council to design an appropriate 25 year management plan.

We have also located, collected and facilitated the creation of a stock of native local provenance trees with Alba trees. We have completed the planning and supervision of the practical work and currently undertake all site monitoring. Working with local contractors, we organized all the practical work from planning, fencing, sourcing seed, growing on, planting, monitoring and subsequent management of this site.